About Us

Our Story

KnowSilos was born out of a shared passion for transforming the way organizations access and utilize their collective knowledge. Our journey began with a profound realization: the power of knowledge management and data insights can revolutionize businesses, large and small.

Our Vision

At KnowSilos, our vision is to create a world where no work is ever wasted. We aspire to build an environment where every piece of information, whether created internally or found on the internet, can be harnessed to make data-driven decisions in the current business landscape.

Our Mission

KnowSilos is on a mission to break down knowledge silos, foster collaboration, and elevate decision-making. We're committed to providing innovative solutions that enable businesses to harness their most valuable asset: knowledge.

Why Choose KnowSilos?

  • Expertise: Our team brings a wealth of experience in knowledge management, data insights, and real-time data gathering, making us a trusted partner in your journey.

  • Innovation: We stay at the forefront of technology, continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of businesses.

  • User-Centric: Our solutions are designed with users in mind, ensuring that professionals from various departments can harness our platform's power.

  • Results-Driven: We measure our success by the impact we create. Tangible improvements in efficiency, collaboration, and decision-making are our goals.

Our Product

At KnowSilos, we're building a powerful decision-making tool for leaders in large corporations. Our platform empowers you to make quicker and more efficient decisions, no matter how scattered your information may be. Here's how it works:

  • Gathering Siloed Information: We automate the process of gathering siloed, unstructured information from various sources.

  • Scraping Real-Time Influential Data: KnowSilos scours the internet for real-time influential data to provide you with the most up-to-date insights.

  • Leveraging Decision-Making Frameworks: We incorporate MBA frameworks, best practices, and decision-making frameworks into our platform.

  • Information Restructuring: Our platform transforms this data into structured building blocks.

  • Recommendations in Absorbable Format: We provide tools to turn this information into actionable decision options in an easily digestible format.

Our platform offers a user-friendly interface, advanced knowledge graphs, real-time context-aware analysis, and stringent data security.

Addressing Critical Challenges

Did you know that corporations lose $47 million annually due to ineffective knowledge sharing? Additionally, 83% of employees waste time recreating missing documents. KnowSilos addresses these challenges by providing a comprehensive solution to information overload, usability hurdles, and intricate decision-making.

Meet Our Founders

Our co-founders, Dominick, Johannes, and Victor, have experienced the inefficiencies of content management in large corporations firsthand. Their diverse backgrounds and domain expertise in knowledge management, AI, and data analysis drive KnowSilos' mission forward.

  • Dominick: With experience at SAP, Dominick recognized the challenges of redundant efforts and the lack of a centralized knowledge base.

  • Johannes: Leading the InnovationLab at Bertelsmann, Johannes built a fraud tool and realized the need for a unified platform for institutional knowledge.

  • Victor: With a PhD in Bioinformatics and deep expertise in data analysis, Victor adds a unique perspective to the team.

Join Us on Our Journey

KnowSilos is not just a company; it's a community of like-minded individuals and organizations striving for excellence in knowledge management and data-driven decision-making. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey.

Contact Us

Have questions or want to learn more about how KnowSilos can benefit your business? Feel free to reach out to us. We're here to assist you on your path to success.